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Quick FAQ

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Can I order different motifs / products at the same time? Can I order different motifs / products at the same time?

Yes, you can.

You can order as many different products and motifs as you like. They will be shipped together. Placing an order for each product is not necessary.

Different manufacturing

If you wish a different manufacturing than stated in the order process, please note detailed in the comment field of the shopping basket when placing your order, e.g. hemstitch with 1 inch diameter on top and bottom of the banner (80 inch sides); blank cut without eyelets.

Differences between vinyl and mesh banner

Mesh material is evenly perforated (grid similar), thus higher air permeability is given. The mesh banner is recommended for bridges, scaffolding, billboards and other free-standing installation options where a higher wind load is given. In addition it is slightly see-through.

Vinyl banners are not perforated and opaque.

What is the difference between standard and premium banners?

Standard print is particularly suitable for scaffold cladding, advertising on buildings and houses, logo images, etc. Standard banners are printed with a quality of 300x300 dpi, considering 6.5 ft viewing distance you will get a photorealistic impression..

Printed with 720x720 dpi premium print has a higher resolution. It is also photo-realistic in close range viewing and is used for detailed graphics and photos.

Payment + delivery check out

How do I pay?


Feel free to pay with your credit card, Master Card or Visa or with Paypal.

Do you offer bulk discount?

Yes - the more you order of a certain product, the more bulk discount you will get. You can find the discount below each product picture. When you insert your desired quantity, the price will recalculate automatically.

What kind of shipping do you offer?

You can find all information here.

What exactly is the shipping date?

The shipping date is the date on which your order will be handed over for dispatch. This is not the date of delivery to you. The delivery time will be added depending on the chosen delivery method.

Neutral shippment

If you need neutral shipping, please feel free to note in in the comment field when ordering. In this case your name and address will be labeled as the sender of the parcel and on the delivery note as well.

Upload your artwork

How do I create my print data?

You can find all information here.

Where do I upload my printing file?

On every page of a printing product, you'll find an upload field labeled „Printing file“. Please upload your file here and proceed to order.

Please don't close this window while uploading or the upload will be canceled. We'll be informed about your data transfer when the order is finished.

You may of course send us your files via eMail to or use FTP or filesharer links.

Please insert your current order number when sending us you files via eMail, FTP or filesharer so we can assing them to your oder.

Free file check

How do I know my files are okay for printing?

We offer a free file check as service which is carried out by our graphics departement. When your printing file is not suitable for printing, we'll inform you via eMail and give you tipps how to adjust your file.

These are the criteria we are checking.

Please note that we won't process your oder when the files are erroneous since we always need your final confirmation to create the product according to your wishes.

How can I confirm my data for printing?

If you want to confirm incorrect data (e.g. with low resolution) for print, it is sufficient to send us an email to with your order number in the subject line and a written confirmation. Confirmations by phone cannot be accepted.

Will I get a preview to confirm my file?

All printing files will be checked by our graphics department for free. If they are printable, you will not get a preview or PDF file for confirmation. Your file will be printed directly to avoid delays.

If you wish you can upload a JPG as preview or a screenshot for comparison.

Printing & production

When and how do the colors change?

There will always be a permanent chemical reaction which concludes in a change of colors, e.g. due to UV radiation. This reaction occurs to displays and banners that are placed inside (e.g. shop windows, near to windows) as well. For example: red turns by and by to magenta.

This way, new prints and reprints which are printed later on differ from the original colors of the first print.

Please keep this in mind when ordering single parts for already printed multi-piece products.

To make sure to get the correct result, we recommend ordering a proof beforehand.


To check the color accuracy of your file, we can offer you a proof.

Please note that this will eventually postpone the actual delivery date of your order.

If the same motifs and colors will be printed on different materials, we recommend to order a proof if the exact shade of color is of high priority. Afterwards you can adjust the colors of your printing motif, if necessary.

If a particular color (e.g. your corporate color) has to be printed, we recommend proofing a color chart.

Therefor create a file with e.g. 10 different variations of your desired color (for example small squares with the corresponding CMYK values​​). This way you can choose the color that matches your corporate color best.

Receive your order

I'm very happy with my order

And we are happy to hear that! If you want to tell us or show us a picture of your new product, please send your email to

I'm not happy with my order

We hope that you are fully satisfied with us, our service and products. If against expectations something should be out of order, please follow this procedure:

Send us an email with the error description and your order number to

Photos are especially important:

Please include a photo of the entire product and a close-up photo of the error.

For better traceability, please add a size comparison (e.g. a coin next to the error) and, if necessary, a white area for color comparison (e.g. a white sheet of paper next to the print).

We will process your request after an internal check as soon as possible.

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